Ormond Beach

Pop Warner 

Our cheer and dance program has it all!

Cheer on our Sandcrab football teams from the sidelines…get the crowd excited…help bring on a winning season! Our cheer teams also do a halftime performance for all games! Our athletes are each recognized at our Homecoming event, each team performs and our “graduating” athletes are given special recognition.

Pop Warner offers a competitive component for our teams. Boys and girls of ages 5-15 have the ability to participate in our local competition at the Ocean Center. Winning teams then move on to compete at Regionals in Orlando with the ultimate goal of being able to compete at NATIONALS at DISNEY! We have had many teams compete at this level in the past and we are excited for the chance to do so again each year!!! This is such a special experience for our Sandcrabs!

Our Ormond Beach Sandcrabs “STARS” team recognizes the true “STARS” of our community! Our STARS boys and girls cheer on our Sandcrab football teams from the sidelines, perform at halftime of each home game and participate in the competitive component as well! This is an amazing program that we are so proud to offer! We are proud to represent an organization which is dedicated to efforts in academics, community involvement and athletics. Each season, our athletes received thousands of dollars in academic scholarships for college! Pop Warner feels it is very important to build future leaders and winners both on and off the field!